Connecting littleBits to Lego Mindstorms

I have a crazy idea to create a bit that would connect the Arduino to Mindstorms. I asked my dad and he thinks it is doable. Has anybody tried that?
Lego Mindstorms has many sensors than littleBits, so it will be cool to combine them together.


Hi again @Anahit,

I didn’t use the Arduino bit for this project, but I did interface littleBits with Mindstorms, … in an unusual way.

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Hi @chris101,

Good idea! So it is a mechanical connection which is great for simple inputs and outputs. Have you found the description of the I2C interface with the sensors? It would be cool to find a way to drive the color and proximity sensors.

I have, and while it is similar to i2c, it does not follow the protocol exactly. As such, I believe the Wire library for Arduino will not work.

Perhaps someone could write code that would read the output of a sensor through the usb connection on the Mindstorms brick?

That said, if I was wanting to use those sensors, I would use a regular Ping sensor and take a look at @JackANDJude’s color sensor prototype, rather than try to decipher and reverse engineer Lego’s proprietary code.

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I know this thread is a bit old, but I wanted to mention something I discovered that would let you connect the LEGO NXT computer to an Arduino. I have been wondering if this could be adapted to connect to the Arduino Bit. The connector is this one from Dexter Industries. I thought I had bookmarked a project that had already made the connection from LittleBits to LEGO Mindstorms using this method, but I can’t seem to find it again. I may play with the Dexter connector and if I get it working I’ll post an update here.

OK, never mind. I actually found the thread I was mentioning here on the LittleBits forum. I had bookmarked it in my account and not in my browser. This is for the EV3, but I only have a NXT so maybe between the two bits I can get this working on my NXT.