Connecting littleBits to EnOcean Switches & Modules

Hi, has anyone tried to connect a EnOcean Sensor to littleBits? I would like to use an EnOcean Switch in combination with littleBits.

EnOcean’s website is very informative, concerning battery-less technology. I will be reading through their white papers on the topic for future use!

@RalfB, do you have specs for the switch you want to interface? littleBits uses 3 wires, a +5 volt, a ground and an analog signal that varies between ground and +5 volts. If the EnOcean switch can mate to that directly, it should be easy. If not, there may be some more work involved.

Hi @RalfB,
See this project when you want to use the protobit to connect a switch or sensor from a different brand to Littlebits:

With this protobit you can connect a lot of things, as long they are using the bits 5 Volt DC as power and an analog signal between zero and 5 Volt DC. See:

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