connecting 2 cloudBits

HI there, in my recent hoarding of littleBits I acquired 3 cloudBits.
As far as I understand the status is like this:

  • the product itself is discontinued
  • the littleBit cloud itself is up after a hiatus (how reliable is it?)
  • forget about IFTTT, that is broken

I had this idea to lend one cloudbit to my daughter’s friend and to connect those 2 cloudbits. So that my daughter and her friend can send ‘messages’ to eachother’s bedrooms.
So, this means connecting 2 cloudbits with eachother that are on a different wifi and connecting the input of cloudbit A with the output of cloudbit B and vice versa.

What is the best way to do this? I imagine it needs a third process that connects the bits that is always up. How can I make such a thing in an relatively easy way? Can it be something that I can add to my website somehow?

Hi again Timo,

The cloudBit is still an active product and is actively being worked on. We’re also working with IFTTT to re-establish our connection with their service.

If you navigate to the settings on cloudcontrol, there is an option for one cloudBit to ‘follow’ another cloudBit that you have setup on your account. Try this out and let us know how it goes!

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Hi Quinn, thanks for your answer.
On your site the cloudbit is mentioned as ‘discontinued’, but I am happy that you tell me otherwise and that even the IFTTT might connection might be re-established.
The ‘follow’ options sounds like what I am looking for, thanks a lot!