Community Newsletter: BitOlympic Torch Edition 🏃 🏊 🎿 🏆

#News of the Bitosphere!
Hiya, Bitsters!

Starting in April, News of the Bitosphere will be posted on the blog, and there’s a way for you to not miss a post! :slight_smile:

Click on the bookmark link at the bottom of this page. Now you’ll get notified every time I update this thread with a link to the most recent News of the Bitosphere blog post. :smile:


News of the Bitosphere, April 4, 2016: Science Fair Win, Telepresence Robot, Prosthetic Arm, #HackYourHabits and MORE! :arrow_left: :link: , featuring @joey, @drthuler, @Kelo_Kubu, @pipemoreno21, @Ekeler, and more. :slight_smile:

News of the Bitosphere, April 11, 2016: You Gotta Keep 'em Captivated! :link:
:arrow_up: Click for full blog post! :slight_smile:
Featuring, Little Oha Bitty Bytes, mtzc, Estani & Friends @leo, Hollis, and Tarek. :slight_smile:

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News of the Bitosphere, April 18, 2016: So many reasons to invent! :link:
:arrow_up: Click for all the feelz! :smile:
Featuring, Greenwich Chapter members @designsaunders, Anoushka & Leo the pup, Science Fair inventions, bitCraft Block Party, and a story from this past weekend’s Barnes & Noble events - Tom Noren from Charleston, SC. :smile:

News of the Bitosphere, April 25, 2016 :arrow_left: CLICK DIS FOR YUM!
From robot battles to biohacking, with some #HackYourHabits sprinkled here & there. :slight_smile:

News of the Bitosphere, May 2, 2016 :arrow_left: CLICK
A Community that makes together. :slight_smile:

News of the Bitosphere! May 9, 2016

Let’s make it more complicated. :arrow_left: :link:

#ChainReaction Contraptions and lots more…

News of the Bitosphere! May 16, 2016

Those littleBits of good…
… combine to make airships, lipstick robots, and #ChainReaction contraptions! :slight_smile: :balloon: :lipstick: :wrench: :link:

News of the Bitosphere! May 23, 2016

With great power comes great responsibility.


Featuring: @rory_littleBits Vlab, @Anahit , @kknight, Davy & Ryan, @Carmen_Wimba, @Vinicius_Bazan :slight_smile:

Thank you! We are enjoying a lot with this challenge and María, the girl who built the S.O.S. device in a Wimba activity, is happy to see her creation here, in this newsletter. Saludos para todos!

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News of the Bitosphere! June 6, 2016

For cool cats like yourself. :link:

Featuring: @boycat, @Cara_L, Koko Open Source, @lgoldstein , @leo, Nikole Blanchard, KidsInventors, @Silvia , Richard Pham, and MORE! :slight_smile:

News of the Bitosphere! June 13, 2016

Plants & fishes & candy, oh my! :seedling: :fish: :candy:

News of the Bitosphere! June 20, 2016

Celebrating National Week of Making, Father’s Day, and more! :cake: :calendar::musical_note:

News of the Bitosphere! June 27, 2016

Kindness is Magic :wine_glass: :musical_note:

Featuring BitCaper, @Yuziana, @djpeterso23662, @Valencia_Maker_Lab, @arjun, @ed_littleBits, @chloeatplay ! :slight_smile:

News of the Bitosphere! July 11, 2016

That time Bitsters created an art installation for astronauts. :telescope: :space_invader:

Featuring @DionoiD, Kate Allen & Sensory Objects, Gluck Workshops, @techqueen21 & Sky Shin :slight_smile:

Let the BitOlympic Games Begin! :runner: :swimmer: :ski: :trophy:

Featuring @drthuler, @leleo, @macinspires, Jordyn, Mattia Zucchelli, @BitCaper, @yuziana,

:grinning: Happy to be on the Hall Of Fame!

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The BitOlympic torch burns bright for you, Bitster. :fire: :runner: :swimmer: :ski: :trophy:

Featuring @designsaunders, @Marcel, @dthuler, The Hallihan Family, Oha Bitty Bytes chapter members, Pooky, Thalita and Lucas, Hypothekids