Community Call May 25 with special guest Joseph Herscher

Hey there Bitsters!

Are you ready for magnificent mechanical machines? For a world of strange contraptions and chain reactions? :book: :closed_umbrella: :shower: :scissors: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :bulb: :tada:

As part of our May challenge, our special guest for this month’s Community Call is Joseph Herscher. He is an amazing kinetic artist based in NYC who specializes in making comical chain-reaction machines that have been viewed by over 10 million people. We’ll talk with him about his materials, mishaps, and filming tactics. Don’t forget to bring your questions and ideas for a special community Q+A. We can’t wait to see you there :o)

When: Wednesday, May 25 at 12pm EST
Where: The Unhangout Room

Check out some of his epic machines:

Here’s a little more about Joseph:

Herscher made his first machine when he was five years old, the Lolly Machine.

This childhood passion was rediscovered in his early twenties when he built a contraption that spanned his entire apartment in a three minute obstacle course culminating in a hammer smashing an egg. Not knowing what to do with it, Herscher filmed the thing in action and posted it online.

Creme that Egg racked up three million views online, encouraging him to build more and more elaborate machines. Soon came the workshops with kids, participation in the Venice Biennial and a feature in the New York Times. He has appeared on numerous television shows including Sesame Street and lectured at Parsons the New School For Design.

Herscher grew up in New Zealand and now lives in New York, where he continues to create his eccentric machines for film, television and art festivals around the world. He is also a public speaker and has told his inspirational story at international design and business conferences.


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