Community Call, March 18th: Let's discuss all the (Internet of) Things & 1:1 Help with your Cloudbit projects

This week we will be talking about all the Internet of Things! We have two special guests with us, Corey Benninger from Etsy and our own @syedBits - ninja of the clouBit to give you 1:1 help on all your projects.

#How Can I Ask Corey + Syed a Question?

Post it in the comments below. We’ll ask them a few questions, and then field Qs from the forums and in the chat.

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About Corey + Syed

Corey Benninger
Corey is an Office Hacker with Etsy in Brooklyn, NY. The Office Hacking team is tasked with reimagining the workplace in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting office experience. Projects have ranged from improving telecommunications and developing wireless conference room sensors, to working with Etsy sellers to design an open-sourced RFID based mobile device checkout system.

Prior to Office Hacking, Corey spent 10 years in the information security space including time as the Chief of Staff for Intrepidus Group, a leading provider of mobile application and device security services. He has worked with nationwide telecommunication companies to help ensure the security of wireless architectures, systems, and applications. His research and testing has focused on mobile and web application security including multiple disclosures regarding NFC and mobile payment applications. Corey has presented at a number of security conferences including BlackHat USA, ShmooCon, NYCBSDCon, CanSecWest and EUSecWest. Corey has an undergraduate degree from Boston University.

Syed Salahuddin
Syed Salahuddin is a Tech Evangelist at littleBits and a master cloudBit ninja. He is also the founder of Babycastles, a radical video game collective in New York, and an adjunct professor teaching Computer Programming and Game Design at NYU and NYU Poly.
Watch Syed talking about the future of games on PBS!

Introducing The CloudBit

Tips & Tricks: How To Set Up Your CloudBit

Discuss: Big Data & Privacy, The Other Side of IoT

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