Community Call: March 11, 2015: MakeyMakey + Kermit + Pi Bonus Challenge

    How can we re-imagine and reinvent music with hardware?

  • Yes I am attending 7:00PM EST MEET & MAKE
    Collaborative working session on a design challenge.

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#How Can I Ask Eric + Alex a Question?

Post it in the comments below. We’ll ask them a few questions, and then field Qs from the forums and in the chat.

How to Join and Agenda Details

Head on over to

For a quick primer on what to do next, we made a tutorial!

About Alex + Eric

Alex Ruthmann
S. Alex Ruthmann is Associate Professor of Music Education and Music Technology at New York University where he researches, teaches, and develops technologies for music learning, making and teaching. He and his collaborators are the recipients of two National Science Foundation grants exploring the interdisciplinary teaching of computational and musical thinking. He is @alexruthmann on Twitter and on his research blog

Eric Rosenbaum
Eric Rosenbaum wants to amplify your imagination. He recently completed his doctorate at MIT Media Lab, in the Lifelong Kindergarten group. He combines his love for music, improvisation, making, and learning to invent new technologies for playful creation. He is the co-inventor of the MaKey MaKey invention kit. His other projects have included Singing Fingers, an iPad app for finger painting with sound; Glowdoodle software for painting with light and sharing your creation; and MelodyMorph, an iPad app for creating your own musical instruments and playable compositions.

Melody Morph

Community-Driven Music Education

NYU Music Experience Design Lab – MusEDLab:

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Hi, @vanessa! Is the Q&A with Makey Makey + MuseEd Lab today? Or did I miss it?
Thanks so much!

gah! nevermind. it was yesterday. i’ll catch the archive. #crazyweek

It’s actually next week :smile:

HAHAHAHA! that about sums it up at this point! ok. it’s on my calendar - that’s one i definitely don’t want to miss. thanks for getting back to me!

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It’s a bit challenging for those of us on the West Coast to make these labs. They are right in the middle of the workday. I completely get it though, just wish we had some at 7:00pm PST so me and the kids could join. Thank you and enjoy!

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You Can’t Keep Eric + Alex from Making Instruments

The co-inventor of the MakeyMakey just can’t help it.

And Alex encourages us to grab objects and imagine their sonic personality. Like, you know, any spare Kermit the Frog you might have lying around…

Watch the video this week to hear how Eric Rosenbaum + Alex Ruthmann:

  • take objects around them (like cups or aluminum) and make them more musical
  • ask questions (what if it was big? made of water? made of cheese) to change your point-of-view and iterate on their creative projects
  • make their projects more popular by getting feedback from other people
  • finding your creative crew and hanging out with them to make epic things

After the interview, @alexruthmann + Eric popped into our critique rooms the engage our crew around their creative projects. @TeamBond’s 3rd-grade class joined us with their project ideas for making the world more musical:

And Jorge joined us from the Chicago Publish Library to share how he might use the Arduino bit to alter the doors + sound of the Library.

bitspiration from the Community #InventAnything

Both the Science and the Basics tracks blew our minds this week.

@jakester made the very stellar Bubble Flute.

See how he made it here: see how he made it here:

Parker remixed a Starry Night to stream and pop:

See how they made it here:

And from the Science track, a nifty Octo anglerfish by @tsmirniw:

@aspahos made a charming eel:

And @zoomgali is sharing their work in progress–can’t wait to see more of these!

A Special Pi Day Challenge for Tomorrow

We announced a special Pi Day Challenge for the Pi Day of the Century. Check it out:

And within minutes @afrank had already created a Circle-Making Machine.

Wishing you a happy Pi Day, @chloeatplay + @vanessa