Community Call is Now Monthly

That’s right, folks, the Community Call is Now Monthly, so don’t miss it!

The next call is Wednesday, April 29th, Noon EST. :telephone_receiver: :bus: :banana:

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Hey @JackANDJude could we plan a 7:00 PM EST call in the afterparty room on the 29th?


I know that the world is 24 hours, but Noon EST rules out my kids who are at school and I am at work. 7 pm in general would seem to be better for people in the USA timezones…

Same for me too I am at school at 12 EST.

@Birish03 & @codewizard58 Sorry you can’t make it this week and thank you for the feedback about the timing. We will keep it in mind when planning future hangouts! :smile:

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