Community Call & Halloween Party : Wed Oct 28th @ 12(noon) EST

Hello crew!! It’s CHRISTMAS, ahem I mean Halloween. Which is basically like Christmas for bitsters, let’s face it :smile:

To celebrate this spooctacular occasion, we are having a virtual dress-up/ invention party on our usual bat time & channel this coming Wednesday the 28th. Get your outfit on, bring your #HackHalloween projects, stories from your ghoulish events or just your general awesomeness and hang out with us in the rooms over at Unhangout :point_right:

:jack_o_lantern:s are also welcome!

In the meantime, here are some of the projects we can’t wait to see next Wednesday.

@alexpikkerdeletet !!! the laughter

@3DPrintingGirls that head!!

and @mmalpartida as always I m left speechless by your entry!! so goood :scream:


Halloween & littleBits! It blows my mind!

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@chris101 now we need a trebuchet Jack-O-Lantern. One that flings pumpkin goo at you! :jack_o_lantern: