Community Call: April 8, 2015 Insanely Bitastic Show & Tell

The community call is on for this Wednesday at 12 noon. We will be giving and getting feedback on our projects. So bring your friendship and projects/ideas. :smile: :camera:

Tag your neighbor and hollaback. That means reply with someone’s @name to invite them to join us, and reply or heart this post to let us know you’ll be joining us. :telephone_receiver:

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@Philip_Verbeek - Can you share with us your latest project, the Doorlock system - NEW NFC-Bit?

Air horn courtesy of @Ginger - BTW, how did you make that?

I also invited the maker of this robot:

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Thanks @JackANDJude Jude!

We figured this out when we were working on the SpaceKit activities and playing with the light sensor and the Data Communications activity. When you hook up the light sensor to the Speaker, you will notice that it is the ‘change’ in light that makes a sound. This is how an “optical chopper” works ( to create precise frequencies for testing and calibration.

We decided to try and make our own using the motor and a chopper made from an index card.

And it makes a cool sound -

We then thought you could do the same thing with a fan - and just change the speed of the fan with a slider bit to change the frequency. In the Vine video I used the pressure sensor to vary the speed - that worked MUCH better than the slider.



Hi @JackANDJude Jude,

Thanks, I would love to. See you guys in the community call!:slight_smile:

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Still working on a Midi File convertor. A website that allows you to upload a Midi file and get it back in formats that allow it to be converted into Arduino code. Will post the project when it is done. Most of the code runs in your browser. Cannot make Noon Community calls :frowning:

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Yes, I am up for another middle of the night [for me] soiree!

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@edwardbarnabas :smile: :arrow_up: That’s your 3D printed robot, yes? Thanks for joining us on the forums. :blush:

I wont be able to make it(school) will there be a 7pm EST one?

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Sorry, @Birish03, there won’t be a 7pm call today. :frowning:

NOOOOOOUUUUU! :wink: oh well maybe next week

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, it was difficult for me to be on time.

Please let me know whenever there’s another one, if some of us can be at 7pm EST it still be great.

Thanks @JackANDJude for the invitation :smile:

I couldn’t make it. Otherwise, you know I would have been there, because I really enjoy hangin out with all of you, to keep learning and recharging inspiration!

The unhangout site says

(or meet over here any time in the afterparty room :)

so @Maven, @Birish03, @Everyone :smile: I think we can meet there at any time!

Great that’s true @leo, so lets just find a suitable hour for us to meet their every now and then :smile:
Because I know some of us have to deal with different time zones but for the fun and learning that shouldn’t stop us.

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What time zone is everyone at? I am at MST, Mountain Standard Time.

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I’m at :clock9: UTC - 03:00

ok, @JackANDJude is there a 7EST call on this week?

We are taking a couple weeks off from the Community Call, @Birish03.

Please continue working and posting on your unfinished project(s). Start a topic in the Project Buzz if you would like help or feedback on a build. :slight_smile:

Follow this link for more info…

April 8 Community Call Recap: Show & Tell


We chatted with @Philip_Verbeek about his Doorlock system - NEW NFC-Bit project. It uses his NFC Bit, which is up for vote NOW in the Bitlab. Watch this video to see how only a high profiled lego minifigure can access Philip’s fortress. :smile: :guardsman:

The NFC Bit allows you to add keys to your projects, just like the type you might already use to get into your work or apartment building. His bit is programmable; up to 4 NFC tags can trigger four different output levels or they can all trigger a high output. There’s even a “read all” mode that will output high for any NFC tag.

I’ve been hoping for a module like this to come along, and it needs your votes to become a real Bit!

OWI Robot Arm Controlled by Arduino bit

@br1wr2el3 Gave us a live demo of his awesome littleBits controlled OWI robot arm, which he controls with the synth keyboard and arduino module! He plans to enclose the relay board, leaving the keyboard accessible. Sequential movements are also in his future plans.

He’s posting regular updates on his project on the forum.

Works in Progress & Iterative Designs

The forum is a great place to show work in progress and get feedback/encouragement from other Bitsters. If you have a project that is in the works, you can start a new topic under Project Buzz. :bee: :sparkles: If you see a project in process, be sure to say hi to that maker.

It’s also great to use the project page to show iterations. Visit the profile page of @htkgk to see four versions of “Sound Machine”. Each one explores different sensors and sounds, yet each uses the lego turntable design. Watch version 4:

Barnabas’ Bot

Apologies to @Barnabas that we ran out of time before we could see his robot; hopefully he will put it on the project page and he can join us again next time! :slight_smile:


Folks who joined on this week’s community call provided RED GREEN and YELLOW feedback for the #InventAnything course.
@Chloeatplay and @Vanessa put together a handy guide for giving feedback that you can use to give feedback about the course or other people’s projects. :wink:

@chloeatplay @vanessa @br1wr2el3 @JackANDJude

Sorry to have missed community call. Again. My network let me down in the worst of all moments. I hope I can make it for the next call.

@Philip_Verbeek Your NFC bit is awesome. Great work.

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Saying hi and tagging folks… :smile: Hi!
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