Community Call - April 27 at 12 pm EST with Ellen Jorgensen

Bonjour Bitsters. :hand:

The theme of this month’s Community Call is citizen science. We’ll be joined by Ellen Jorgensen who is at the leading edge of the do-it-yourself biotechnology movement, which brings scientific exploration and understanding to the masses.

Despite criticism that some research should be left to the experts, the Brooklyn-based lab continues to thrive. Amateur and professional scientists conduct award-winning research there on projects as diverse as identifying microbes that live in Earth’s atmosphere and (Jorgensen’s own pet project) DNA-barcoding plants from Alaska, to distinguish between species that look alike but may not be closely related evolutionarily.

Bring your questions, ideas, and experiences to share - put those questions in the comments below.

When: Wednesday, April 27h at 12pm EST
Where: The Unhangout Room

See ya’ll there

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