Community Call Agenda Brainstorm- May 27, 2015

As we put together the agenda for this month’s Community Call, we’d like to hear from you.

What are discussions you’d like to have?
What guest speakers would you like to hear from?

I’m looking at you… @leo, @archreactorstl, @SIMakerSpace, @Ksenia, @Sparklelab, @designsaunders, @pcc, @PWHill, @cosoriou, @FunRobotics, @Tekislab @TomDavidCharlotte, @makerlabs, @MakerMark, @Valencia_Maker_Lab, @TheMakerBus, @digitaldoc, @chadmairn, @pmorales, @henrique007!

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Has anyone used little bits for dance or performance art? I’m toying with some ideas. :slight_smile: Would love to see if there are projects people have done in the past :smiley:


@JackANDJude, have you seen anything like this on the projects page?!

@Sparklelab Here’s a performance piece using littleBits:

An idea I’ve been thinking about is hacking a playground with sensors that trigger music and lights. Hacking your environment, whether a stage or a playground, could also be used to create a performance piece. I’ve started a project buzz topic: Hack This Playground with videos for inspiration has done some open source work on this by adding piezo disks to skate park ramps and half pipes. They sound like some interesting people, @nickweinberg

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Hi @Sparklelab :smile: I would love to hear your ideas! And maybe you can help us with the f play


What about: How can littleBits increase your productivity?

I would like to hear about that…

@JackANDJude I LOVE this idea of hacking your environment with sensors. I can imagine my kitchen being hooked up to sensors and me moving around as I cook dinner and setting off lights and sounds… now that’s a performance piece! :smile:


Dinner and a show at @nickweinberg’s .

@leo thanks and so sorry for the late reply! will totally check it out! :slight_smile:

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@JackANDJude i love your playground hack idea, and so wish one day we could do something together! i have been toying with the idea of hacking a street with little bits, and having the kids act as anthropologists of sorts and observe how people interact with the technology – and with the fun! the idea is to create silly experiences that just make people laugh and disarm them as they walk to work or school and go about their day to day. how much more awesome would our days be with little chance encounters just meant to make us smile?

Hi, @Sparklelab! Are you joining the Community Call (it’s right now)? May 27, 2015 Community Call: Curriculum Design