Command a On/Off Switch via CV?


I’m thinking of building a On/Off Switch command by a CV pulse.
Can you help me with this ?
What do I need ? How Can I connect ?

Excuse my english, please,

Hi @Pavel3_14,

Can you clarify the application a little more? What exactly are you trying to turn on and off?

A CV pulse can be up to 12 volts, right? Seems it could run a transistor and connect to a relay, which would then operate the switch. @Pavel3_14, what kind of background or experience do you have with building electronic devices?


The CV Pulse of the SQ-1 is 5V.
But I’ve tried with a relay and seems the intensity isn’t high enough to activate the relay.

I want to turn on a light about 60watts.

Idea is :

220v ----> SWITCH/RELAY------->LIGHT (60w)
CV (5v)

looks a littlebit like this idea, except the controller of the switch is the CV signal.

I wonder if it is possible with littlebits module.
Using the Protomodule and connecting the CV signal of the SQ-1 as the input of Signal line. Maybe Using the Littlebits output of the SQ-1 (5V).