CloudBit using ethernet?

I noticed that the Wi-Fi module on the cloud bit is removable is it possible to replace it with a USB ethernet adaptor?

(This is a deciding factor on whether or not I am to purchase one)

It’s not a plug and play modification, as the software is written to use wifi. Study the code and hardware (they are on github, I believe) and determine if this is a project for you.

Hi @poogzley,

That sounds pretty fun, but I think you will find this very difficult to do with an ethernet adapter. The module was not designed for a wired connection and hacking it would involve both changing hardware and likely rewriting software and firmware, all of which we cannot officially support and it may damage your cloudBit. Even swapping the WiFi USB adapter with another one will possibly damage the cloudBit permanently, so I do not recommend removing it unless you are very confident in what you are doing.

I have misplaced the WiFi USB adapter that came with my CloudBit - is there a specific one that I can purchase that is compatible with the CloudBit? Thanks for the advice.

Wifi USB adapter? Do you mean the USB power adapter? Use any wall wart that can supply at least 2.0 amps that has a USB micro connector.

@hubot Do you mean the bit itself?

I’m referring to the removable WiFi N USB dongle (picture attached)…

Probably your best bet is to contact customer service (use the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page) ansd ask what the best way to proceed would be.

Heard back from Littlebits customer service: “Unfortunately we can’t replace that part due to design limitations, they are made for the bit they are inserted in.”

Although, it sure does look like the Dynamode WL-700N-RXS 150Mbps Nano 802.11n:

Can someone confirm? Thanks!

@hubot I’m sorry, but if you try to boot a cloudBit without the unique transmitter that the cloudBit came with, you will receive an error because it requires the unique code for that unique cloudBit. Each and every cloudBit is unique and each cloudBit has a unique Dynamode transmitter on it, which is why they cannot be swapped or purchased separately.

If you swap the transmitter from one cloudBit to another cloudBit, you will also likely irreparably damage the firmware on the cloudBit and possibly the transmitter as well.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Why was it designed this way? That seems like an… odd choice.