Cloudbit servo doesn't work

Just bought cloudbit starter kit and servo doesn’t seem to work. I’ve seen posts suggesting that plugging it into wall power is the only way to get it to work… i have plugged into wall power and the behavior is the same:

  • press purple button and it twitches once the first time
  • is unresponsive after that
  • wifi signal occasionally is dropped (light starts blinking green)
  • note that there is no issue with the LED bit - that works as expected

i found two videos on youtube of it working and also not working, which leads me to think that there’s a hardware problem with the servo.

crap, i’m not allowed to post links. will just give the youtube ids instead:
SWc1RDF9d6U (not working)
5yHcMRPP0Ys (working)

anyone have ideas before i return the servo?

(there is an older thread on this topic, but thought i’d start a new one since that one is so old: wifi-on-cloudbit-resets-when-i-test-the-slider-function-with-a-servo/23387/8)

Hi there! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Please send us a quick email at and we’ll help you out.