Cloudbit not activating IFTT / Pushover unless near 100%

IFTT and pushover can send notifications with the time and percent output of the cloudbit…but, it only works at setting of 80-100%. I want to use an arduino to send a specific percent output corresponding to which button was pressed (ie, push button1 =10%, button 2 = 20%, etc) so I can tell which button was pressed by reading the IFTT/Pushover notification.

Any ideas?

Hi Brian, what if push button1 = 80%, button2 = 85%, etc??

Exactly, that’s the goal. It doesn’t work as advertised, not reliably anyway. At 85% and below, the cloudbit doesn’t activate reliably. Anyhow, once handed off to IFTT, you can’t act differently depending on %, at least not yet anyhow.

I can just buy more cloudbits (one per message type), but that’s kind of lame and wouldn’t be very educational.

Anyhow, this bit has some real potential!