Cloudbit & IFTT delay

Anyone experiencing roughly 1 hour delays between activating the cloudbit and getting a response from IFTT today? Has anyone written code to replace the minimally functional IFTT server? I think they are the weak link in the chain.

Make that an 8 hour delay. I just got some notifications through. I left the bit at work and haven’t touched it since lunch.

my ifttt takes about 2min when initially testing and running first time, and then only about three seconds after, you may have it set with a delay accidentally try making a new sketch and use very few statements like : if button pushed call me, and you should be able to test the speed

I have experienced occasional delays with IFTTT. Is the delay you are experiencing continuing? Are you sure the traffic is being handled properly by your WiFi network? What devices/software are you connecting your cloudBit through IFTTT?

Delay has resolved. Just using home router (which previously worked just fine). Everything tested out fine on the cloud control website (light came on and meter moved). I think I need to setup a server and subscribe to cloud control events…I just have to figure out how to trigger Apple iOS notifications programmatically.