Cloudbit and IFTTT only working in one direction (again)

I can have IFTTT recipes trigger my cloudbit.

All connections are good, all diagnostic tools work fine.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Littlebits API is not triggering IFTTT.

On 4/20, this was some sort of DNS issue on your part.

Can you investigate?

I’m having same problem … one way … no input hitting IFTTT … can trigger the cloudbit from IFTTT though

@tobyboudreaux @kevinm

Hi guys- we just did some maintenance and we’re hoping that everything is fixed now. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any oddities.

I am having the same problem today. All connections are fine and I can trigger the cloudbit from IFTTT but not the other way round. Sending an SMS tot IFTTT will turn on a LED connected to the cloudbit but pushing a button will not trigger IFTTT to send an sms…

We have the same problem here, when we want to send an input signal to IFTTT it doesn’t work. Receiving signals works fine and the cloud control input works fine too. We can’t work finish our project due to this issue.

IFTTT is an external service we don’t control. The ongoing issues are on their side and we’re trying to work around them as we speak.

I see a stream of SMS messages coming in, seems to work now :smile:

Yep, works fine now…

Im I the only person who are still experiencing this issue?
IFTTT --O–> cloudBit but cloudBit --X–>IFTTT. Can you have a looking on this?


We can’t reproduce any IFTTT issues at the moment. @doguin_workshop please open a support ticket with information on cloudBit ID(s) and steps to reproduce.

Thank you!