Cloudbit, ac switch and ifttt

Hi everybody. I set up a basic “turn christmas tree on” thing with my amazon echo. basically I tell the echo to turn on the christmas tree, which sends an ifttt command to the cloudbit which toggles the ac switch. it works perfectly, expect the tree shuts off after a period of time. and I have to issue the command again. and whats odder is if it goes off when the last sent command was turn christmas tree on, ifttt will think its still on, so I actually have to send the opposite command, turn the tree off, to turn it on.

needless to say its a pain in the butt. I have two ifttt commands, one for on and one for off, and they’re set to set the level to 0 or 100. the other ifttt commands for activate or deactivate only worked for 3 seconds.

any thoughts on what I’m missing? I just want to say the command, and have the tree stay on until I issue the command to turn it off. I’m not sure if its ifttt, the ac switch, or the cloudbit thats telling it to turn off.


Hi Zack,

The AC Switch actually has a safety feature that turns off the circuit attached after 90 minutes.

I’ll contact you from to assist you with this.

I am having the same issue. I have the AC Switch connected to Xmas lights that are triggered by an IR sensor that should turn off/of at sunrise and sunset via IFTTT. Obviously, due to the safety feature of the AC Switch the lights turn off after 90 mins rather than stay on until sunrise. What is a good workaround for this?