Classroom management

I am an educator with over 20 years experience. I pride myself on my classroom management skills. I am currently using littleBits in an after school program. I notice the children are still creating when I am talking. Also, they are very loud. Before we started I created an anchor chart about what the class looks and sounds like–but it is till an issue. Any suggestions?

For an afterschool program, having the kids creating instead of listening to a lecture is a good thing, right?

Personally, I find it much easier to listen when my hands are doing something. Even in college, I constantly fidget in class, and I would not be able to focus for very long if I didn’t. So I think the kids can create quietly and still listen.

As for the loud noise, maybe have the kids create a device that measures how loud the classroom is, so they can see how it is easier to hear when the measurement on the device is lower?

I hope this helps.


If you really need them to stop to discuss, you could have them leave their bits and come to another space, like a rug.