Can't get the USB port to show on my Mac

Hello, I’ve been trying to get the IDE environment working but I can’t see the USB serial port on it. I’ve tried the FTDI drivers with no success. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

I assume you are trying to connect the Arduino. Make sure it is powered on and connected before the IDE is up and running. Also you may get a prompt from the MAC as it may recognise it as a keyboard, if it does, just hit continue.

Thanks Bill! You assume correctly. I, for some reason, assumed it would get power via the USB port as is. I built a circuit with the power module and it worked!

Hiya Drak,

If you are brave, aand good with a soldering iron, you can put a blob of solder connecting the two tiny pads just to the right of the RX LED on your Arduino Bit. Here’s a picture:

That way, you can power your Bit from either the USB or the power bit, but powering through a USB frees up one more line.

@chris101, how does that change functioning?

Ordinarily the USB connection of the Arduino bit does not provide power to the module.

I ran across this post from @rory_littleBits that described the modification, and also gave some background as to why it worked that way. I program my lB arduino while it hangs from my computer, so I don’t want to worry about a power bit popping loose during that process.

Hmmm. Thanks for showing me that interesting discussion. :open_mouth: :information_desk_person:

I’m usually down for a mod like that, but I think I’ll leave it go this time. Input bits would still need a power source. Additionally, I often need to power down the Arduino to stop it from receiving/transmitting. I’d prefer to detach magnets than to yank out a USB every time. :star2: