Can the RGB LED bit color be set by the Arduino?

Title says it all… wondering if there is a way to set the RGB LED’s color interactively.
I’m guessing not, but figured I should check.


Hi mgonline,
At the moment changing the RGB LED color electronically is not possible. This request however is on our radar and hope to make it a reality in the future.

Thanks Rory!

Hey @mgonline!

I highly encourage you to vote for this Controllable RGB LED littleBit for the BitLab competition! A Community Pro named @JackANDJude created this awesome invention! It is definitely what you are looking for!

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Yes, I saw that and voted for it a while back. Thanks!

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I have this same question and since this is a very old post, I was wondering if the improvement was ever made so that it is possible to use the arduino to set the RGB LED color or if it is still necessary to use the screw driver to manually set it?

Thank you so much!

Hi there,
No unfortunately, but if you’re handy with Electronics, you can use a RGB led with npn transistors and connect this to the arduino.
A bit like this project
This uses the littlebit leds but you can use a normal RGB led with transistors.

Thanks! I wish I knew more about making my own bit, but I have a lot more reading before I’m ready for that. In the meantime, I think I can just use three different RGB lights and set each one to a different color. It’s a bulky solution, but hopefully will work.

Keep in mind, the top-right (output 1) bitSnap is marked “d1/tx” and can transmit serial data. This means you can connect third-party hardware that is serial controllable. For instance, we’ve had fun with the NeoPixel NeoMatrix connected to a protoBit. Using the NeoMatrix library for Arduino you can make a controllable LED matrix screen.

Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind…it looks awesome!
It looks like the new bit in that new code kit, which I am looking forward to :blush: