Can the Cloudbit send packets to a local machine?

Hi there,

I just purchased a Cloudbit in the hope that I can use it to “wake up” my home pc when I call the home landline - is this something that is possible? (It seems like it should be given that it’s essentially running Linux)



I can think of two paths to achieve this. First is to attach the Cloud bit to an input of the Arduino bit. Then use the Arduino bit as a usb mouse controller through the usb connector on the Arduino. This should waken your PC. The second also uses a usb waken, but with the Synth kit usb i/o bit instead of the Arduino. You’d have to try it to determine what other bits you’d need to generate a signal that would wake up your computer.

Using the Arduino bit is more straight forward, because the ATMega32u4 that powers the littleBits Arduino has built-in functions to interact with a computer through the USB port.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have either of those extra bits (yet) but I do have an old Arduino that is currently attached to my mothballed REPRAP 3D printer; I also have a couple of different version RaspberryPi boards which are currently sat idle.

Would either of those options be viable?



If you can think it, you can do it!
Good luck and share your findings.

Hiya Alex,

You could probably work some way to use an Arduino (Uno?) to work, but the chip used with the littleBits Arduino is made to interface with the keyboard and mouse of a computer, so that would be the easiest (and most direct) way to do it.

If you are versed in Arduino programming, try writing a sketch that would wake your PC without using the cloud bit. Then use a signal from the cloud bit to trigger that method.

You could have your raspberry pi monitor the cloudbit output and when it changes, send a wake-on-lan packet on the local network to wake the PC.