Bump the cloudBit dysfunction!

Continuing the discussion from Trouble getting cloudbits to trigger IFTTT applets:

Hi Bridget @Thingfully,

I’m in, but for many reasons I have no twitter account. I saw Ayah has a Littlebits forum user account, so I could join by sending a message via the forum… :grinning:
There are many IoT services on the internet using the Littlebits cloudbit, but IFTTT is the most friendly and easy for noobs like me. All other services require detailed programming knowledge. A bridge too far for me. The cloudbit is indeed rather worthless without a real IoT service.

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I hold no sway on Twitter either. Let’s all write to support TODAY. Again, for most of us, but it is the channel they suggest.

Hi Everyone, thank you all for reaching out.

We have heard your questions and concerns about our cloudBit IOT connections. We want you to know that we are listening and we are working on repairing the connection so you can connect to IFTTT applets and other utilization functions of the cloud API.

Until further notice, the CloudBit software service is down for maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience and we hope to have this resolved in the first quarter of 2019.

We thank you all for your patience while we sort this out and, as always, we look forward to seeing what you invent.