Bonus Make: Video Game Maestro

Hello bitsters, to celebrate the launch of the new synth modules, we thought we will bring you a special new challenge! But first a question; Who loves video games?

That’s what we thought :slight_smile: Let’s move ahead with this weeks’ Design Challenge

If you could recreate your favorite videogame soundtrack, what would it sound like?

  1. Record tracks that feature loops for “victory” and “defeat.”
  2. The sound should last at least 60 seconds.
  3. Upload your project and include a video that shows the game in action with the new soundtrack!
  4. Ask questions or share a link to your project in the comments :slight_smile:

##Get started with the new synth modules

Your Fellow Bitsters


Used the synth kit to create the soundtrack for a new game called MagicShot

Ron Millar

Ron has made some amazing sounds that would totally suit a space-themed game:

Andrea / DB605

A impro electronic-industrial track testing Korg’s LittleBits. DB605 is a solo project by Andrea from My Right of Frost steampunk circuit bending industrial band.

My Right of Frost draws sound signs from electronic circuits rewired and made unstable up to the feedback’s critical point. The sequences proposed are totally improvised from the point of view of the musical value of the sounds, and tonally unrepeatable. Across and beyond the concept of circuit bending, My Right of Frost operates constantly on the verge of oscillators and filter’s collapse, extemporizing electronic paths that diverge to form a macro-sign, i.e. the artwork.