Bonus Make: Celebrate Pi Day of The Century

Dear bit’sters, this weekend it’s 3/14/15 a.k.a. the Pi Day of The Century! And we thought we would pull a special design challenge for all the Pi Geeks Out there :smile:

Design Challenge

How would you use littleBits to recreate 3.14159265358979323 … ?

  1. Use your set to make something that incorporates pi, it could be an actual pie(!) a number module hack or even bot that makes perfect circles.
  2. Make a prototype of your contraption this weekend and upload it on the Project Page.
  3. When you upload your project to the Project Page, tell us a “little bit” about the story you envisioned. Who was doing the traveling? Where? How?

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Rich B’s Counter to 999

Make Pie! Or Hack it with the number module


We created a circle making machine in honor of the Pi day of the century.We used Legos, the DC motor with motorMate and power bit. We used the beaker blender 3000 directions from the Crazy Contraption Lego set and then added extra Legos for support. Happy Pi Day!


Love this. It is so contraptionally satisfying! I would love a close up on the pen & pen holder portion. I see the short pen is required for this and I can’t quite make out your clever pen holder…

Again, bravo!

New tagline

LittleBits: Contraptionally Satisfying

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Thanks. The white circle is a lego piece and we just used red electrical tape to attach our highlighter pen. We tried a color pencil first and it worked, but was pretty faint. A longer pen could be used, but your Lego towers would need to be taller and then the structure is less stable.

I’m working on a gadget for Pi day that will hopefully order pizza with the cloudBit.

No making this weekend - we were at the Exploratorium in San Francisco where Pi Day was dreamed up for the celebration!

There are an IRRATIONAL number of us in this picture - Happy Pi Day!


We were out of town this weekend in Auburn, AL - so did not have any littleBits with us (contrary to the hopes and dreams of a 9-year old).

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Love it :slight_smile: bitception!