#BitWars Creative Mornings event (11/20/15)

@lizabits and I hosted a one-hour workshop with a group of creatives as part of the Creative Morning’s Field Trip Series. We hosted the workshop around the Bit Wars design challenge and while it was shorter than we would have liked, it was super fun and successful. We saw a light saber, ewok, machine that determines whether or not you have The Force and evan a Padmé Amidala.

One thing we learned is that when you’re handed a short-time frame to host a workshop, embrace it. Adding constraints can help increase the creativity levels in the room.

Check out a few of the photos + videos:

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It looks like you guys had a lot of fun with the Creative Morning peeps, @nickweinberg, @lizabits! I’m really curious about this green project and it’s maker. What IS it, LOL!? :slight_smile:

@JackANDJude It’s Queen Amidala in stately attire :slight_smile:

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