BitSTAR status details AKA how to get 20% off your next purchase

BITSTAR STATUS!!! :bitstar:

The time has come for the first class of #InventAnything graduates! You will have till the 27th of April to get your projects to the finish line and unlock a 20% super exclusive bitSTAR discount*.

(Be your awesome self, like Nyan Cat!)

Build two projects (or more!) and upload them on the project page. Model a “reflective design process” in your upload and include:

  • The specific bits you used in the project
  • Reflect on what did you do 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • List the resources you consulted to help others in the future

Host a low-key event, like a Munch & Make and upload photos on the project page. For some tips & tricks on how to document your event check these handy guides over here.


Aside from unlocking a tasty 20% discount!!* a.k.a. hello new synth bits - bitSTARs light up our lives with their fresh feedback, and creative wisdom. You can count on a bitSTAR to help you when you’re stuck with a project, need some advice on the forums, or want to hang out in real life on the weekly Community Call… Speaking of Community Call, we will reconvene the last Wednesday of this month, April 29, noon EST.

*The 20% discount is available upon graduation. Valid one time only. Excludes Pro Library. Not valid with other promotions.

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@matthiasmwolf for you :smile:

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I already have the discount code. Does it have any kind of validity period?

Can I post my 2nd project today?

YES, @Birish03 :smile:

Oh thank goodness! I will definitely do that! p.s where is the monday e-mail? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Birish03 There is no email this week, but you can watch for one coming your way next week. In the meantime, catch up with @chloeatplay and the gang over here: April 29, 2015 at noon EST! Global Chapters! Synth! Bananas! A Bus!