bitOlympics: Rhythmic Gymnastics v1

#bitOlympics: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Design Challenge: Create a musically synchronized routine that incorporates music and movement (of any type). Use the beauty of Rhythmic Gymnastics to create a musically synchronized performance piece. The performance piece should be at least 30 seconds long. The source of the music is up to you. It could be generated by bits or some external source.


  • We recommend using the Synthesizer Kit, the MP3 Player, motors, such servos and dc and even the Makey Makey module.
  • Use input bits like the sound trigger to synchronize your performance to music.
  • Consider using the various apparatus from the sport including clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon or rope.
  • Use music that is emotionally compelling or humorous.
  • To complete the challenge take a video of your performance and explain how it was made.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance and apparatus manipulation. They manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus: clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, rope and free (no apparatus). When combined with music, the results can be quite moving.

A few examples of the sport:

#Inspiration from Our Fellow bitsters
Ozobot Dances to littleBits Synth Music by @RichB

In this project @RichB has managed to sychonize his Ozobot robot with music from the Synth Kit.

"Moby" v2 the LEGO Dancing Robot by mmalpartida

@mmalpartida was able to create a dancing (and talking!) lego based robot that was clearly a hit at his daughters kindergarden class.

Base Kit Dance Party by @JackANDJude

In this project JackANDJude used a light sensor to sychronize their dancing figurines to a music video from a tablet.

Dancing Origami Cat! by @edwardbarnabas

Edwardbarnabas’s Origami Cat comes to life when it hears a sound. Perhaps this idea could be expanded into a tumbling routine?

#Share Your Project
Upload your project to littleBits Project Page and post the link below. Make sure in your upload, you model a “reflective design process” and include:

  • The specific bits you used in the project.
  • Reflect on your steps: What did you do first, second and third?
  • A video of your project in action.
  • Include #bitolympics in your description so we can find you easily

Remember this is a community who loves sharing work in progress :smile:. Don’t be shy to share your piece even if it is not finished yet and if you need help, feel free to do so in the Project Buzz category in the forum.

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