BitOlympics FAQ

Q: How do you participate in the littleBits BitOlympics?


  1. Sign up to become a BitOlympian. You can either participate independently online, join an event at your local Chapter or host an informal meet up of your own.

  2. Choose one of the six different BitOlympics design challenges to bitify and get making!

  3. Upload your project to the Project Page with the hashtag #BitOlympics in the header by noon (EST) on Sunday, July 26.

  4. We’ll select the winners and announce them on the Community Call on Wednesday, July 29.

Q: How many challenges can I participate in?

A: As many as you’d like.

Q: Can I only make one project?

No, you can make as many as you’d like.

Q: Can I work with a partner?

A: You bet.

Q: How much time typically goes into a BitOlympics project?

A: We suggest spending at least two hours on your project.

Q: What if I need help on my project?

A: We have experienced community members love helping others with troubleshooting and ideas. Post your questions to the BitOlympics section in the forums.

Q: Who am I competing against?

A: All other projects in your category.

Q: What criteria will be considered by the judges?

A: Creativity, design, engineering, originality and documentation of the project.

Q: How many prizes will be given out?

A: Nine in total.

Q: What are the categories and prizes?


  1. Football- Golden Shoe (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  2. Rhythmic Gymnastics- Big Air (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  3. Track & Field- Iron Bit (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  4. Downhill Skiing- Black Diamond (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  5. Table Tennis- Topspin (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  6. Choose Your Own- The Olive Wreath (Bits of your choice up to $250)

  7. Grand Prize- The Grand BitOlympian (One of Everything Collection!)

  8. Most Uploaded Projects- Record Breaker (Bits of your choice up to $250)