bitLab room at this week's community call! 5/27 12pm -1pm

#Join the #bitlab Room at this week’s community call tomorrow from 12pm-1pm!

You can join us here!

###Curios about user generated software? Have you ever wanted to create your dreamBit but needed some direction and some help?

###Join our community call and find how to submit to bitLab!

We’re going to have a dedicated room at the community call! I’m looking at you @Philip_Verbeek, @JackANDJude , @chris101, @alexpikkert, @kristin_littleBits and all hardware hacker ppl of the world. We’ll talk about submitting to bitLab, past projects and how to gain traction with your campaign once you’ve submitted and it’s up for vote.



#Hardware Happenings…
I’m so excited there will be a dedicated #bitLab room, @syedBits! :smile: There is a lot of forum sharing and learning going on around making bits. People are being SUPER helpful, which makes all the difference!

For those who would like to catch up on the past month, check out these forum links:

People Are Talkin’

Microcontroller on board?

How do I use op amps in a new Bit design?
Op Amps in new Bit designs
Read up on this topic and add to the discussion here.

Making a Power Bit
Continuing with the “Make: It’s New To You” theme, @beaker466 started a thread about making a power bit. It’s a good place to visit after you’ve already made a long led or a button and you’re ready for something a bit more complicated.

bitLab Submissions in the Design Phase

Purple People Counter and Stepper Motor

Magnetic Reed Switch

Mystery Prototype

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Remember to visit the bitLab to cast your votes for modules you would like to see become bits!