bitCraft version question

I am not very familiar with minecraft; I got it just to use with the littlebits and then decided it would be fun to try learning python to play the game. Anyway, I got the modpack installed and working and it says that I installed version 0.1.9, but when I click to play it seems like it is opening version 1.7.10.

Is there something I need to do/can do to make it open version 0.1.9?

It works fine with the older version, but the book I am trying to learn python with uses the newer version.


Do you mean that your Python book for Minecraft modding uses a Minecraft version newer than 1.7.10?
If so, you can’t use the bitCraft mod, it is programmed for 1.7.10 and not compatible with e.g. 1.8. It has to be recoded, as every Minecraft update causes mod authors to update their mods.

Yes, my python book uses 1.9.

Thank you! I must have misunderstood the modpack options. It says that it recommends version 1.9, so I thought it was saying the modpack was updated to version 1.9, but it must just be saying that the game was updated.

Which book are you reading?

I am reading: “Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python” by Craig Richardson.

It’s a very good book with easy to follow python examples (definitely seems good for kids).

However, I have no clue what I did when I set up the server; I just did what it said with zero understanding of what I was doing. So, I have no idea if it is possible to make it run on an older version of Minecraft so I can use it with the bitCraft mod.