bitCraft (our Minecraft mod) is Live!

I would also like a 1.8 version.

Well, since there is no response, I am working on it. Hopefully @stan_littlebits will publish the official version but in the meantime, it is a new project of mine. I have most of it updated but I am having to do a bit of troubleshooting because they changed the API a bunch.

@teknix @jerod_servatius @niteskype Hi all! I’m sorry, I dunno how this post slipped by me, I should have seen it earlier and commented.

Correct, the current mod version that is being distributed is compatible with 1.7.10, which is why that version of Minecraft is launched with technic launcher. @teknix has it exactly right, at some point in the development, we changed the compatibility of the mod to 1.7.10 so that bitCraft would be compatible with other mods, like project:red, computercraft, etc etc etc. The issue is that we changed the compatibility at a pretty immature state of development. So, while I have the 1.8 code for the previous version, the mod has changed a huge amount since then. In my opinion, it would be easier to start from the current mod to adapt a version that is 1.8 compatible.

@teknix You say you’ve started working on a port? I’d be interested in helping. Is there a github repo for this?

@stan_littlebits Thanks for the reply. I do not currently have a repo but I can easily make one. Considering I am still getting used to the API (I am more familiar with plugins than mods), it has taken a bit of research to figure out a lot of the changes that they made, particularly from metadata to blockstates. I got it to a semi-working state (I can place the block and transmit/receive), but it is still crashing (I think on the update neighbor stuff).

I will upload and let you know when I do.

@stan_littlebits could you make a 1.11 version for littlebits? It is a big focus right now. And can you make a 0.16.0 version for pe. And the “1.9” Xbox update might be coming out soon can you do one for that two? Plz I would love this.

@stan_littlebits I love Minecraft.