bitCraft (our Minecraft mod) is Live!

We are excited, nay we are freaking THRILLED to announce that bitCraft, a littleBits mod for Minecraft is available to download - right now. :grin:

Where to get it:

What can you do with it?
The bitCraft mod allows you to connect your littleBits with Minecraft using the CloudBit and redstone. This means you can press a button in the real world with littleBits and have it activate a redstone lamp in Minecraft. Or have a Minecraft pressure plate active a littleBits buzzer. (I know, I know, I started jumping around the room too when I first started working on this project :slight_smile:

What do you need to play?
Right now, you need Minecraft, a CloudBit, and some extra bits.

What can I expect from it?
Bitsters, we made this in house as a side project because we love Minecraft and we love littleBits and we wanted to see what would happen when you put the two together. We put it into the world at an early stage intentionally. We want to hear your feedback so we can iterate and develop this mod into something wondrous and inspiring, a completely new experience for building physically and digitally. That’s our hope at least ^^

That being said, we know it’s not perfect :slight_smile: We want to hear about any bugs you encounter, any ways you would improve the experience, and what you could make if you only had…[insert request here]. Use the forums to start a conversation and help each other! We will be introducing more resources over the next week - for now it’s in the wild. :tiger: :deciduous_tree:

Our goal in rolling it out this way is two fold:

  1. We :heart: yall and think we have the best community ever. You inspire us. We think you will have much better ideas than we will of how to use this. A bajillion heads (ok, maybe not that many, but still a lot) are better than two :smile:
  2. We want deeper ways to get you designing with us. We think this is a great way to start.

To the future - and beyond!
There is a lot more on the horizon (like opening the mod up for you hack), but for right now we want to get your thoughts and projects. Right now, we have only announced this in the forums and the main page will go live next week. We would love to have some crazy rad community projects to show the world when we do.

So, if you have a CloudBit and Minecraft, make a project. It can be super simple or crazy intricate - we just want to see it :slight_smile: Then post it to the Project page and have it featured on the BitCraft page when it launches.

Be on the lookout for chicken canon projects. They’re a community team favorite.

P.S. We do have a launcher on the way, so the initial onboarding experience will get easier soon.


Congrats! This is really exciting.

Not only have I learned a lot about Minecraft, but I’ve had a lot if fun with all my friends (young and young at heart)


Congratulations to your hard work!!! BUT… :space_invader:

apparently some hacker opened a portal between bitCraft and my home. Yesterday my CloudBit began to make some weird lights that I’ve never seen before, and next thing was discovering this Minecraft guy in the backyard (the one on the left)

I don’t know what to do. Should I contact or @lizabits can you handle this??

Maybe I keep it. It looks like a nice creature :smile:

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Great discovery of the UNKNOWN SECRET part of the cloudbit !
:scream: :cold_sweat:

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Any possibility of making the mod downloadable outside of Technicpack? That would be helpful. It might be interesting to include it in other modpacks elsewhere as well.

@Bytron3039 Yeah! Actually, I’m planning to have a download of just the mod available over the weekend. Integration with other modpacks is something I’m super interested in, and would love to do! I do plan to try and have it in other launchers as well, Technic was the easiest to start with, but I’m definitely planning on having it many other places.

Oh my @leo - it seems the same thing happened to my desk this morning…



This is SOOOOOOOOO amazing! I can control my house with Minecraft! This mod is flawless, not one problem since i got it! :grinning: Do you think you could add one more thing to this mod? A wireless transmitter and receiver digital bit. This would make the possibilities limitless since we wouldn’t be limited to the wire of redstone!


@Bytron3039 As promised, here’s a link that should provide a direct download for the mod file: [bitCraft JAR file][1]

In fact, as of now, the code is in a [public github repo.][2] The latest version of the JAR should always
be available there.

@PixelPlex Aww, I’m thrilled that you like it! I’mm curious about your suggestion, do you mean a transmitter and receiver that send redstone signals wirelessly in the game? If so, There’s actually another mod that does that, made ChickenBones, and I’ve been thinking about curating a bigger modpack that includes mods like this which work well with bitCraft.

Do you guys have a policy regarding inclusion of this in other modpacks? I was thinking it might be useful to include this in a pack of things that connect Minecraft to reality.

@Bytron3039 Yes, you’re free to include this in any modpack you’d like. I’ve updated the github repo with the modpack policy as well: It’s at the bottom.

If you put the pack together, I’'d be really interested in seeing it, please let me know! Out of curiousity, what other mods were you thinking of including?

I’d like a pack of “Fourth Wall Hacks” and I only know of three: bitCraft, ComputerCraft (via HTTP) and Web Displays. I’m interested in Minecraft as an interface to things outside the game; I think its potential as an editor for such things has barely been touched and bitCraft could be very useful in that regard.


Ok, folks. The bitCraft launcher and page have landed. It’s gettin’ real.

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Minecraft + littlebits = AWESOME but minecraft + littlebits + multiplayer = EXTREME AWESOME!!!

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@stan_littlebits Stan, I messaged you but figured I would ask here as well. You said that you originally wrote this for 1.8 but then made a 1.7.10 version because it is more compatible with a majority of mods. Would it be possible to make the 1.8 version available as well for those that want to use it? I was going to update it myself until I read that you already have the new version so I wanted to ask before doing a bunch of work.


I am a little confused by the versioning thing. If I just launch Mindcraft the mod isn’t there - I need to launch it through Technic - but then I’m using version 1.7.

How do I use the mod with 1.8? I’m a mindcraft nub. :wink:

@niteskype You don’t. That is why I am asking if they can publish the 1.8 version that @stan_littlebits said was originally written.

Mods typically use Forge to integrate with Minecraft. Currently, the majority of mods are written for 1.7.10 and not 1.8 (though more are being written for the new version). The issue is that there were a lot of changes between 1.7 and 1.8, so it takes time for everyone to update everything to make stuff compatible. Because of this, as I read in earlier posts, @stan_littlebits mentioned that the mod was re-written for 1.7.10 so that it would be more compatible with the majority of the mods out there.

Updating a mod can be a little complicated, especially between big versions like 1.7 and 1.8. because you need to update the dependencies such as Forge, but it doesn’t always work so easily. Plus you sometimes need to go back into the code and change things so that it reflects new API changes.

I was about to dig in and update the mod myself but then I read that there supposedly is already a 1.8 version of the mod, so I inquired about getting it so that I don’t have to do a bunch of work trying to update.

Also, you can run it without Technic Launcher, but it would require you to load Forge in your Minecraft directory and you would still have to be running 1.7.10.