Bit Wars Webinar Resources + New Date Added on FRIDAY, DEC. 4

Because of the buzz around the first two webinars, we’re going to host a THIRD Bit Wars Global Makeathon planning webinar on Friday, December 4 at noon (EST) on Google Hangouts.

In addition, here are a number of Global Makeathon Resources for your upcoming events, including:

  • Workshop guide. Almost all of the information in the webinar is written down here.
  • Official trailer. You might need to sit down. With popcorn.
  • Pro tips and a sample project for some inspiration :thumbsup:
  • Remixable poster. The PDF is editable so you can add the date and location to the pre-made form fields. After you do that you can print out the PDF and make your custom poster using collage, or do it digitally using the Photoshop file we provided.
  • Want to make t-shirts? Check out these sweet designs. Want to take your swag game up a level?
  • GIFs. Because who doesn’t love a GIF?

We hope you can make it! We had a great time at the last one - in addition to some really superb questions, we had a ton of insightful advice. And if you can’t, here’s the link to the last one!

If you have any questions, let me or @nickweinberg know!

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Also, check out this incredible Force Awakens Trailer (made from cardboard + straws) found by @GearBots!!