Bit Wars projects

Check out some of the amazing Bit Wars projects that have already been created:

  1. Carbon Freeze by PT

  1. Side Winder by @tombalzamo
  1. Yoda lifts the X-wing! by @Birish03
  1. Here comes the little guy- R2D2
  1. R2D2 Bit Robot by @drthuler
  1. Help me, Bitsters! You’re my only hope! by @JackANDJude
  1. Binary Sunset by @lizabits

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This project is not done yet but I still wanted to share our advances so far and ask for your opinion.

Estani wants to create a Minecraft Clone taking reference from this image

Together with Santi, they made the structure of the costume using iKiTOi pieces

Then, Almendra helped with the demonstration of the voice system. The littleBits circuit is power + microphone + delay + speaker

Now we have to decorate the cardboard to make it look like the first image I shared. Any ideas how we can do that?

Thanks in advance :smile:

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