Audio to CV converter?

I am new to LittleBits but I am looking for something to be able to convert an audio signal to a CV signal to connect to an analog synth. Could I do this with just a power source bit, microphone bit, and CV bit? From there I would connect the CV to a Moog synth, which uses 5V CV. The microphone bit would allow me to either play music from my iphone into the jack or just speak into the mic bit to create CV for my synth.

Hi @Rozgony,

Welcome to the littleBits forum. I have a CV bit, but I am no expert on synths. That said, I have only seen CV used to send control signals, not sound. It may work though, try it!

A note about the microphone bit: when used as a line-in, through the 3.5mm jack, it’s great - the sound quality is excellent. When used as an actual microphone … not so much.

Thanks @chris101, but I don’t want to use the CV to send audio signal, I want it to send CV. However I’ve read there is an “other” mode on the mic that’s used when you aren’t sending the output of the mic to a speaker. For example, could I have the mic on the “other” mode and then connect to a CV that’s connected to a CV pitch input so that the louder I shout into the mic, the higher the pitch goes? (I know the CV to synth works, I just don’t know how the mic other mode to CV works.) Also, for that to work I’d need it to start w the power source bit, correct?f

Well yes - you must always have a power bit somewhere. (Well, almost always - many bits can vampire power backward through the bit, but that is NOT recommended.)

Theoretically your scheme is correct, but I don’t have a synth (other than the PO14, and it just uses cv for its click track) that works with the cv bit. You would need to get a microphone bit and try it. But the microphone bit doesn’t work very well as a microphone. If you already have a microphone that works with usb, try hooking it up through the usb bit.

Ok, thanks. That makes sense. Its really the conversion of audio signal from the Little Bit mic into CV I’m concerned with so it sounds like it would work. I have better mics I can put through the line in.

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