Attaching the servo to Lego

What is the best way to attach anything to the servo? Do you tie something to armature? Is there a third-party armature with bigger holes? I’ve been looking a it for a while, but I can’t think of a good way to connect it to anything solidly. Any suggestions or experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

I sometimes lash a lego gear to the black round littleBits servo attachment with florist or magnet wire.
Also, I like to put some fuzzy velcro on a flat part of the servo. Then I just attach some of the itchy velcro to my surface where I want to mount the servo.
Finally, you can always cut a rectangular hole with an xacto blade the perfect size to fit the rectangular prism part of your servo snugly into a cardboard box with or without screws. If I remember correctly, the Tips&Tricks page for the servo gives exact dimensions to cut a hole:

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Thank you! Thank you!

Hi Andrew and JackANDJude,

Glad you were able to get this figured out! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Today I found this method for attaching the servo to a lego technic beam:

And here is how @jflottmeyer attached a servo to lego in his littleBits ASCII printer

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I go totally low tech and use clear tape. That’s how I attach most things. It ain’t fancy but it gets the job done a lot of times.