Ask Sean the Engineer questions about ISP Header Programming!

Sean was gracious enough to join us on this week’s bitLab live to discuss reprogramming modules using our ISP headers. Ask away if you have any questions for him!

Can a standard Arduino using the ISCP header pins be wired up to reprogram the lb modules instead of the AVR programmer that Sean mentioned on bitlab live?


I have not personally tried it before but you should be able to do it. Check out this guide on Bear in mind that our pinout on the board doesn’t perfectly correspond to the ISP pinout so you will need to custom route a cable to reprogram. The pinouts for ISP and our modules are below:

ISP pinout:

  1. MISO
  2. Voltage
  3. SCK
  4. MOSI
  5. RESET
  6. GND

littleBits Pinout:

  1. Voltage
  2. GND
  3. RST
  4. MOSI
  5. SCK
  6. MISO

Are we talking about the ICSP header on the LB arduino? The schematic and my experience says that it has the standard ICSP header configuation

             * MISO 1  2  Vcc
               SCK  3  4  MOSI
              reset 5  6  grnd

I have successfully used a AVRISP mkII progammer with the LB arduino ICSP.

----edit ----
I played back the bitlab live video and understand now that you are referring to the way the ICSP solder pads are numbered on the i22 sequencer or o22 number.

I agree that you can use an Arduino UNO running the ArduinoISP sketch to program an embedded LB AVR processor.

@sean_littleBits Is the code for the sequencer and number modules available anywhere? i think it’d be really educational to read over.

firmware source for various modules is available at

e.g. number module is at