Are there any standard knobs that work perfectly for bits?

I tried all my D shaft knobs from musical equipment and they’re all too small. It seems like the plastic on the knobs is knob sized already, but I can’t take it off the post.

So, what standard knobs would fit and are available for purchase.

Hi, @jkuss! Are you looking for synth knobs or the dimmer?
This may not be exactly what you are hoping to find, but there are some links I would like to share with you:

  1. Here is the Tips & Tricks page for decorating a dimmer knob:

  2. Tips & Tricks: Synth Dress up your Knobs:

  3. Adjustable Synthkit by MAXX:

If you find a “must share” solution that suits your needs, please let us know!

I did mean the synth/delay/envelope knobs. #3 seems to be the most helpful.

Old topic, sorry.

I bought these knobs from Radioshack, and took a nipper to the flange so they would fit on my Synth Bits.

See here.

I bought a different knob at radio shack, and it fits, and looks great!

It slipped right over the shaft, and has a tiny screw to tighten it in place. I used on a synth Filter module.

The only catch: the two knobs are close enough together that the “pointers” of each knob can touch if you turn them to face each other. Not good for playing with filter knobs in a real-time performance.

But there was a simple fix. The synth bit’s knob as roughly a 270-degree range. Normal instinct is to orient “zero” to the lower left corner. The max “10” (or is it"11"! ha) would be in the lower right corner. My fix was to first orient the left knob as described, and then orient the right knob 90-degrees clockwise. Now the zero for the second knob is in the upper left corner, and each knob can turn the full range without touching. :smile:

I wish they had more colors, so I could use different ones on different modules, but this seems to be it. So, I’m still looking around for other knobs that would fit. :slight_smile:



We’ve found that Davies 1900h knobs work really well. There are lots of colours and they are narrow enough not to touch each other. They have a small screw which allows you to tighten them. We also coloured in the dials in the booklet to correspond to the colour knob which makes it much easier for kids to find the right modules.

Hope this is of some help.

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Those look real good Dan! Do they fit on the mini-sequencer? It’s pots are closer together than on the other two pot devices.

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Hi Chris,

Yes they also fit onto the micro sequencer and have space between them to rotate.

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Those look good! I especially like the transparent ones on your sequencers!

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The transparent ones also work really well on the Korg SQ-1 because the lights shine right through them.


I’m gonna get these.

You’re welcome, glad to have helped.


So, one year later, I added some more bits and needed more knobs. I revisited this post and tried out these Davies 1900h knobs you recommended. I just installed them. Super easy. Work great. Look great! Thanks again!


Thanks great to hear. Can we see a photo?