Arduino FAQs

- Do I need an Arduino board to use the littleBits Arduino module?

No. The littleBits Arduino module is essentially an Arduino Leonardo/Micro board with some added features and littleBits’ bitSnap™ connectors. It can be programmed like an official Arduino board from the Arduino IDE software.

- Does the littleBits Arduino use the Arduino IDE or does it support block programming?

The littleBits Arduino module is programmed through the official Arduino IDE. We are actively looking into supporting block programming software options to make using the module that much easier.

- How do I program the module?

To program the littleBits Arduino module, you simply connect it to a computer running the Arduino software via USB and connect a littleBits power module to one of the module inputs. From there, you only need to select Arduino Leonardo in the board dropdown menu and the port your computer has opened for it. On a Mac, it will be something like /dev/tty.usbmodem and in Windows, it will display as COMM1 or similar. When your sketch is ready, press upload in the IDE.

- The Arduino IDE has been showing “Uploading sketch…” for a long time. Why hasn’t it finished uploading?

Occasionally the uploading process gets hung up. Click the Upload button again and it will restart the upload process. Uploading the sketch shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds.

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