Arduino + Cloudbit Numbers

Hi all, I’m working with Arduino and my cloudbit. I run my code (very simple analogRead) to read the Cloud.

It’s connected to IFTTT and that sends 80% to the bit every time the word “WEARABLE” shows up on twitter.

Two things have happened:

  1. When I connect the bit to my cellphone and run “RECIEVE” it is always “99” or high.

  2. IFTTT widget has stopped, says “Action Skipped” “Applet Failed”

It does not do any of the above when it’s NOT connected to the ARDUINO. Is there some trick to make it work with the ARDUINO that I’m missing?

  1. The analogRead(); function is giving me numbers between 1- 7 (even when no applet is running)

I’m teaching a class on this and it’s getting really frustrating that simple inputs are not detected correctly and IFTTT/Cloudbit is having issues since I connected them.