Arduino Bit SPI Connections?

Hi, I am trying to build a project using the Arduino bit and a component that uses the Arduino SPI MOSI and Clock. Those are mapped (on a standard Leonardo board) to the following pins, per


So I am wondering which are the equivalent headers on the Arduino bit, or if this is even supported. If it’s not, I do have an old Arduino Due I can use, but am hoping I can do it with my Arduino bit and Proto Module - both which have served very well up to this point :smile:


Hello, @stevencbrent :smile:

  • If you hold the Arduino module upright so that you can read the text, the six ICSP pinholes are:

…GND --> O O <-- RESET

Digital Pin 16 / MOSI --> O O <-- Digital Pin 15 / SCK

…VCC --> O O <-- Digital Pin 14 / MISO

I’m not sure if that helps you find all the solder points you need. Sometimes Arduino pins go by different names, which I find confusing. :wink:

Plus here’s a diagram I like:


Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to see! Now, I am thinking about making some tiny banana plug style wires so I don’t need to solder those pins on the Arduino bit :wink:

Sound cool. Pics when you do! :smile:

Yes, I truly intend to start posting my weird little projects here - mostly a lack of time and confidence up until now… but that is no excuse!

@JackANDJude that is an extremely helpful diagram. Having experience with many ATmel products, believe me, actual pins vs. coded pins vs. the board or chip your working with is VERY confusing. Definitely takes a minute to get used to. Thanks, One UP^

Yup, you can get in trouble just holding the device upside down! :dizzy_face:

How’s it going, @stevencbrent? Have you had a chance to access those pins?

Yes, thanks! Soldered some header pins to the module after all. Working on getting it to play nice with a little TFT display from Adafruit.