Ardublock for LittleBits Arduino Bit

We have just release preliminary support for LittleBits in Ardublock, a Scratch inspired open source Visual Programming Environment for Arduino. Hopefully, this would make programming Arduino Bits much easier!

To learn more and get a copy of Ardublock, click here.

Great! Thanks I’ll give it a tryout.

Cool! Let me know how it works for you. This is still preliminary and feedback and suggestion are greatly appreciated!

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looks great so far.
i will work through them and report back.

so far, i like the way it uploads straight to the arduino and how i can show the code and the blocks to my six-year-old so he gets a feel that they are essentially the same thing.

on a 1040 x 600 display ( old netbook that my kid uses), the window opens up too large so the upper parts are off the screen. this makes it neccessary to resize it from the task bar to maximise it then adjust from there.


one thing worth mentioning is that, in the earlier guides, the delay object was in the Utilities box but now it can be found in Generic Hardware in the new beta versions that include the littlebits objects.


Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

I like it but I would prefer the Aurdino IDE better.