April 29, 2015 at noon EST! Global Chapters! Synth! Bananas! A Bus!

#It’s a party!

Join us for our largest, loudest and most groovy community call ever! Thanks to all of YOU April was our most incredible month as a community together. We had the first class of 3000 bitSTARS graduate and launched our Global Chapters program that received over 200 applications in a week! You all knocked our bit-socks off with your events, projects and enthusiasm and we want to have a BIG virtual party to celebrate.

There will be live music, human (and non-human) instruments, A BUS! , and many many tales from bitsters from all around the world. Did we mention we will have a super special raffle for a few lucky participants?

Hint: :banana: :musical_keyboard:



Head on over to https://unhangout.media.mit.edu/event/littlebits
For those who have never joined a Community Call, we made a tutorial!

WHAT DO I WEAR : Purple, duh!


Wrangling the rooms will be community superstars @Alex_TechShop_DCA @GoTechTown, @lgoldstein, @nickweinberg , @Milind, @leo, and @JackANDJude

Moderating the call will be yours truly and regular hostess @chloeatplay with special guest host the infamous @nickweinberg

#On the main stage:

From New York, littleBits Director of R&D and Synth Connoisseur: Mr. Paul Rothman

aka @paul_littleBits

Paul lives for the intersection between music and technology. He is a designer, artist, and maker working primarily in the fields of electronics and interactive design. Studying at New York University, he received a Bachelors degree for Music Technology and a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program where he has also been an instructor. His work has been shown in venues around the world including The Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the Roskilde Music Festival. Over the past six months, Paul has been working on the new synth modules and will treat us to an extra special demo.

From Madrid, Maria Molinero Mourelle, Artist Extraordinaire and Creator of the Beesynth

Maria is an incredible artist and creator of the Beesynth a synth and app that helps children and adults learn music theory. You’ll love this video, especially if you’re a New Order fan.

From Rio de Janeiro, Gabi Agustini, Chapter Leader and Educator Legend

Gabi Agustini inspiring educator and chapter leader from the [Olabi Makerspace][1] will share her insights into pulling off a successful event during our Global Munch & Make.

From San Antonio, Texas, Mark Barnett, Chapter Leader and Legendary “Bus Driver”

@MakerMark from [Geekbus][2] in San Antonio, who will tell us what it’s like to run a makerspace… on wheels!


See you soonly bitsters :blush:
[1]: https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fablabs.io%2Folabi&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNGXsRZhAqYD3SPIvrpVdtSKK32I7A
[2]: http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.geekbus.com%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNG-DZS19KghU7DCQt3Lpkscdzy74A


#What’s Happening!?
Hey, Hey, Hey! There’s been a whole lot goin’ on since our last Community Call, so let’s catch up!

Recent Projects

Here are recent projects from some of our crew since we last met… :smile:

You Turn Me On Night Light

Magical Marble Sorting Machine
The inner workings of the Magical Marble Sorting Machine remains a MYSTERY! Make your guesses in the comment section of his project, and maybe @alexpikkerdeletet will reveal his secret in a breakout room…

Cardboard Rocket

  • @leo, there’s been a sighting of your Cardboard Rocket on land! :rocket: :question: Does that mean you’ve returned to Argentina? :smile:

The Voice Box

Project Buzz

Drum Vibration Trigger
We are joined by a new friend, @Jay757, who spent last week desiging a Drum Vibration Trigger in the Project Buzz forum category. Check it:

Acoustic Music Generator device
@Milind is working on a variety of musical devices, and would love your ideas/feedback. He has posted initial sketches, inspirational videos, and initial test videos. See his post here: Acoustic (electro-acoustic) Music Generator

Hardware is Heating Up!

FOR REALZ! :fire: :fire_engine:
Thanks to some awesome supportive teamwork by @Philip_Verbeek, @chris101, @StuckInSynth, @matthiasmwolf, @waxmoose (Did I forget anyone? Tag a friend if I did! :smile: )

Reversible Motor
Under Hardware Development Advice @matthiasmwolf is making a reversible motor. He tested the waters at first by using a couple 555’s, and he’s now moved on to programming his first ATtiny85 and is using an L293 motor controller.

Number Modules
Under Make It’s New to You Bit

  • @StuckInSynth is designing his own version of the Number module without looking at the published schematic. He’s on adventure!
  • Chris101 is making a 10 led bargraph with cylon and other features. It’s like a mash up of the Number module and bargraph… Actually, it’s totally it’s own thang!

Catch You On The Flip Side!

I look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday, April 29th, Noon, EST at the (now monthly) Community Call!

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Hey @JackANDJude actually I hacked the :rocket: to make a UFO :alien:

The main reason: My sister resulted to be an overprotective mother and she doesn’t let her 1 year old daughter go to space alone. I can’t understand, but I respect her decision.

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@JackANDJude thanks for sharing these wonderful projects!

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I hope to see my April Fool’s Hangout partners today! (@zoomgali, @joey, @leo, @Daniel_Magiera and @PWHill, @anmol1771)

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I’ll be there :smile:


Is there one at 7:00?

No. Sorry, @Daniel_Magiera. We’ll be sure to let you know if we decide to have a 7pm hangout.

In three weeks my semester will be over, and I will be sure to keep Wednesday at 10 open this summer!

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We had so much fun on last week’s Community Call! Nearly 65 of you came together from around the world to hear four short presentations from our community members and to have smaller conversations around design challenges. Our speakers included:

-@paul_littleBits, Director of R&D at littleBits
-@Maria_who , Artist and creator of the Beesynth
-Gabi Agustini, Chapter leader from the Olabi Makerspace in Rio
-@MakerMark, Chapter leader from the Geekbus in San Antonio

  1. Paul gave us a special demonstration of the fun new Synth modules. Connecting a SQ1 Korg synthesizer to them, he showed us a handful of the capabilities of the new modules.

  2. Maria Molinero Mourelle introduced us to her work, specially her Beesynth. It’s an app and a synth that has three modes. The first mode (rookie) makes visuals with colors corresponding to each note, so kids can easily learn music theory by remembering color.

The second mode is for older kids. There is a canvas, divided in nine squares, where you can drag and drop three percussion instruments (bassdrum, snare, hihat) to create simple rhythms to play along.

The third mode was designed for adults, musicians and programmers. This mode is based in processing and is open source, so people could upload their sketches to adapt it to their needs. It comes with a pre-installed oscilloscope screen that I coded.

  1. Gabi Agustini shared what’s happening in her backyard of Rio de Janeiro. She and the rest of the Olabi team are trying to connect different parts of the city together. Participants in their workshops get a chance to work with robotics, 3D printing, carpentry, biohacking and coding.

One of the things she’s working hard on is designing for serendipity. She provided us with three tips:

-Put people from different backgrounds in the same room.
-Start with a funny interaction.
-Don’t overplan.

  1. Mark Barnett made us all jealous by introducing us to his 40ft long mobile Makerspace. He drives around San Antonio and provides workshops to schools, after-school programs and community centers. He teaches all types of programs such as 3D printing, robotics, engineering and circuit design. His goal is to try to provide an area and environment where students can feel creative without feeling scared. Over the past year, he has reached over13,000 students!

If you’re looking for a bus of your own, you’ll need some good friends at Rack Space. :smile:

To watch the video of the full presentations from the Community Call, click the link below.

The community call was awesome! I really liked the part that Gabi Agustini talked about “Designing events for serendipity”, it was truly inspiring!