Amazing Arduino PC Speaker

Hey everyone
I’m gonna build up a PC speaker with Arduino, and my desired speaker detailed as follows:

  1. 3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth and USB as an input section.
  2. I need to make some process on my input signal (FFT and cross-correlation) in order to create visual EQ on LCD, Reinforcing/Weakening some signal’s frequency in case of need and pass signal throw an adaptive noise cancellation like RLS (or LMS algorithm in the case of memory shortage) and a vocal commander, turn on/down volume, next/previous and pause/stop command with voice command.(it’s totally depend on the processing speed and memory, I doubt Arduino can handle it )
  3. And in output section, two approximately 60 Watt speakers (I don’t know which one is more accurate!!! two mono amplifier or one stereo amplifier.)
    So gimme your point of views about it and its Strengths/weak points.
    I did a lot of DSP works in MATLAB environment and I know about the basis of signal processing but I don’t know about the feasibility of run it on Arduino.
    And would you please recommend your intended module for section one and three of my question.