AirPlay interference anyone?

Hey @chris101& cloudbit peeps.

Yesterday I had an IoT cloudBit meetup and I was baffled when my cloudBits did not appear in my WiFi dropdown menu. I was using Mac OS 10.11.6 and I sharing my screen on a projector via AirPlay. The cloudBits appeared on the WiFi listings of other people’s laptops in the space, but not mine. This was distressing because I was demonstrating setup.

As soon and I turned AirPlay off, the bits appeared in my WiFi dropdown.

Has anyone else experienced this??


Hiya Bridget (@Thingfully),

I’ve never used AirPlay, so I’m driving blind on this. But I would conclude the obvious - there is a conflict between AirPlay and and the cloudBit WiFi connection. My first attempt at a solution would be for separate WiFi networks. Separate connecting computers and routers as much as possible, and use different named networks.

You might be able to test this out by setting a phone to be a mobile hotspot for one of the connections The cloudBit would likely be the best choice here, as it will undoubtedly have lower bandwidth then the video channel being sent to the projector. If it hooks up this way, then that is indeed the culprit.

Perhaps littleBits’ cloudBit team can look into any conflict with Apple’s Airplay. Like you, this seems like it could be a very useful combination.

Good luck!

Thanks @chris101. Our space actually has two separate wifi logins (guest and admin). I’ll try to arrive earlier for setup next time and keep track of which stream the projector’s using.


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Sub-domains like ‘guest’ and ‘admin’ on the same network, most likely share a lot of the same resources. Think of two users in a classroom. It is possible that one of the devices locks out other network processes, then gets stuck.

Your experiment may indeed point to the culprit. :sunglasses:

In San Leandro, CA we are blessed with fiber in the building and the router is set up with fast and super-fast connectivity. Maybe that’s the problem! :smiling_imp: