Add Yourself to the Map! Join A littleBits Chapter

Hey codewizard, let’s talk :slight_smile: where do you want to start a chapter?

None in Phoenix, Arizona. Starting a Chapter here. Just waiting for approval. This is exciting!


Yay Jesus! I’ll be keeping an eye on your chapter, as I live in Phoenix too.


Hey there,

is the link to the Google Maps map gone? Cannot find it anymore.



Hey @matthiasmwolf, here is the link to the bitster Map :earth_africa:


Thank YOU, @leo. I wouldn’t have found it.

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Hi, This is Travis. I am in Taipei.

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Eddie from Seattle… Ellooooooo anyone else out there!?

Thanks for the map link @leo – HELLO from a loner in Norfolk, VA – nearest Chapter is in DC.

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Hi This Lubna from Fun Robotics in Dubai :blush:

Hola from the west side of Los Angeles, CA!

By the way I’m a chapter leader of Dubai-UAE

Brisbane, Australia is my home. Looking forward to having a littlebit of fun with this!


I am based in NYC and would love some help in implementing a few ideas I have. As I am quite a novice, any expertise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hiya, @balbright! What sort of ideas do you have? You are more than welcome to start a new topic under the Project Buzz category with a description of an idea you have or a project you started. :smile: BitSTARs will surely jump in to ask clarifying questions and offer advice!

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hi @balbright, Jared aka @SIMakerSpace runs littleBits events at his space in Staten Island. You should sign up on his Chapter page to attend one of his events:!

Hi @balbright Nice to meet you. Thanks @nickweinberg for the introduction. I’d be happy to discuss any ideas you may have. We have a littleBits Olympics class coming up, but always more on the radar. Drop me a line!

@balbright the BitOlympics would be a great way for you to get your foot in the door!

Greetings from Connecticut!

Having trouble. I am located in Middle Tennessee but it does not look as if there is a chapter near me. Any suggestions?