Add Yourself to the Map! Join A littleBits Chapter

Hi bitsters from around the world! Join the community on the 28 & 29th of March to host a meet & munch event in your neighborhood!! Make : Your Very Own Event!

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@vanessa am in enschede,netherlands

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Hi bitsters! Anyone in New York? You should all join us & meet in person on the 29th ^^ who else is hosting an event? :smile:


Hello everyone!! We have some big news to share today :slight_smile: We loved loved how you were all connecting over here on the map so we thought we ll make it a bit more easier to get you together in real life.
We are excited to share with you our new chapters program, You can join one of the existing chapters today . Don’t see your city? You can Start your own chapter :slight_smile: Learn more about how to apply over here;

World bitination is on :smiley:

Is there a list of current chapters? I dont want to start one and find another just a few miles down the road…

@codewizard, If you don’t see your city, you can search for a chapter near you.

The list of cities under Join… now has contents, was empty when I first looked :frowning:

The DC chapter is at the same place as the DC Robots Meetups.

you should sign up for the arlington chapter @Alex_TechShop_DCA is leading :slight_smile:

Hey codewizard, let’s talk :slight_smile: where do you want to start a chapter?

None in Phoenix, Arizona. Starting a Chapter here. Just waiting for approval. This is exciting!


Yay Jesus! I’ll be keeping an eye on your chapter, as I live in Phoenix too.


Hey there,

is the link to the Google Maps map gone? Cannot find it anymore.



Hey @matthiasmwolf, here is the link to the bitster Map :earth_africa:


Thank YOU, @leo. I wouldn’t have found it.

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Hi, This is Travis. I am in Taipei.

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Eddie from Seattle… Ellooooooo anyone else out there!?

Thanks for the map link @leo – HELLO from a loner in Norfolk, VA – nearest Chapter is in DC.

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Hi This Lubna from Fun Robotics in Dubai :blush:

Hola from the west side of Los Angeles, CA!