Accelerometer with prototype bit


Has anyone here ever tried to connect and accelerometer to a Little Bits Arduino using the prototype bit?

My son and I saw this really cool toy but it was apparently made very cheaply. It’s a crash test dummy with a sensor inside that causes a light to turn red when it hits a certain g force. You build the car in different ways to protect it. We want to make our own, but man am I in over my head.

I thought I’d check to see if anyone had thoughts on how to do something like this. Thanks!

Hi @pghparkins,

great project to make your own crash test!

Most non-Littlebits sensors need connections that are not standard available in the Littlebits world. I found an accellerometer from adafruit, the MMA8451 , see here:

Adafruit also has a great tutorial on how to use this sensor.

It can be connected to the Littlebits w6 Arduino bit, but it needs a lot of precise soldering. You need to connect wiring for VCC (Vin on the sensor), GND, SDA and SCL which all are present on the surface of the Arduino…
I did the same for another sensor, used in my marbles revisited project, with the same type of connections, the color sensor TCS34725, see this diagram for reference:
SDA is D2 and SCL is D3 on the surface of the Arduino.

Hope this helps,

Perfect, thank you. This gives me a location to start. I am brand spankin new to electronics outside of the Little Bits. My son really wants to do this project, so I guess there is no time like the present to start. I am looking for a soldering class locally now since I’d probably just melt the board if I tried it now :wink:

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Hi @pghparkins,

You could limit the soldering connections to just two instead of four by using the protobit for the VCC and GND wiring.
Just click the protobit anywhere in the setup and use the most left and most right connectors for GND and VCC:

See here:


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